Once you are completely comfortable with the final design, Blackstone Urban Landscapes will schedule the installation of your project.  Urban projects have special requirements not familiar to most landscapers, but are a regular part of our projects in Boston and the surrounding neighborhoods.  

Initial steps involve procuring any necessary permits, and, if applicable, contacting Dig-Safe, Boston Water & Sewer and coordinating with the Landmarks Commission and other appropriate municipal agencies to assure a safe and professional and code-compliant construction project. 

Site preparation is the most important part of any installation.  It is literally the foundation of your entire landscape project.  Blackstone Urban Landscapes places great emphasis on proper base preparation for any retaining wall, drainage system, paving or patio installation. We give the necessary time and attention to this key construction detail.  This assures you that your project will be structurally sound, functional and look great for years to come, enhancing both your property value and enjoyment of your garden. 

We install stone and brick paving with proper substrate and to pitch properly. This results in a dry, quickly draining yard and avoids the damp, musty patios so commonly found in Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

We hand-select and install plant material with great attention to proper soil preparation and a sold, working knowledge of light and soil conditions. 

We take the same care with our roof deck installations, focusing on proper planting medium appropriate to your planting design and irrigation schedule, or lack thereof if water is not available.  Plant material is chosen with an understanding of light, water, wind, winter-exposure and other environmental conditions. 

Our attention to detail is unmatched.