As exciting and dynamic as living in Boston is, there can be challenges being in the tight quarters of an urban environment.  It is not until you are actually using your outdoor space that you realize its shortcomings:  lack of privacy, close proximity to less-than-perfect environmental elements like telephone wires, neighboring decks, abutting parking spaces, etc.   Great Urban landscape design requires unique vision and an understanding of the special conditions not found in suburban landscapes.


The real challenge presented to a good urban landscape designer is not  a simple garden plan incorporating color, scale, continuity of materials or unification of spaces with pretty plantings.  It is the ability to create a cohesive space which flows visually from your interior décor, draw attention away from that is unattractive in your outdoor space and focus the viewer’s eye to something beautiful, be that of the designer’s own creation or a pre-existing element or vista within the urban environment.